"Harmonia Gentium" is a "no-profit" musical association since 1986. It is based in Lecco, capital city of the homonymous province, located on the coast of the eastern branch of the lake of Como, encircled by the pre-alpine mountains. Its members are lovers and experts of "true" music, who extend their activity to the provinces of the northern part of Lombardy: Como, Bergamo, Milano and Sondrio.


To diffuse the knowledge of the sacred and religious musical heritage through concerts during the "International Reviews - Masterpieces of Holy Music" and "Concerts for organ".
To help in creating and growing a qualified musical culture for all the population, with no discriminations and free of charge.
To create opportunities for useful exchanges of experiences and co-operation within European and Worldwide, realizing the Harmonia Gentium´s pledge, in promoting through the musical art, the friendship between peoples.
To pay special attention to the young people, with the European Festival G. Zelioli for "Youth Cantores". The youth would make possible a best future by being involved, without barriers, in an atmosphere of peace and fraternity, mutually linked in the common love for music.