32 years of uninterrupted activity.
The growing number of ordinary members, supporters and emeriti.
The hundreds of thousands of people who attended the events organized by music since 1986 Consent, credibility and the financial support given by the Civil and Religious Institutions, Public and Private, local, regional, national, international.
Widely given to events by the "media" (newspapers, magazines, radio and TV) both local and national.
The certificates and official approvals data from the Religious Authority and Civil.

Sponsors and Supporters

Building a cultural and artistic level of qualified, wide open free to the public as a whole, requires a big financial commitment. Be able to count on the contribution of members and supporters (companies and individuals) that are particularly sensitive to the values proposed by the message of Universal Music, decides to propose to public attention through their financial support. A significant investment and qualified for the image of their name and presence in the territory


Masterpieces of Religious Music in over 70 parishes

The sacred music, sublime expression of faith, is one of the biggest cultural heritages that enrich, and in every age, the human soul. Born in Temple, finds in it the most ideal place to be revived as a message of spirituality and exaltation of the sacred.

Many institutions, Public and Private

Have given encouragement and financial support for program implementation and achievement of musical events, having seen the quality and validity of the artistic content for the cultural improvement of the public .

Over 30 Municipal Authority

Mayors, Aldermen of Culture, have given confidence and support for proposals to Harmonia Gentium, Considering the opportunities they offer to their community's cultural opportunities, to overcome ethnic and linguistic barriers.